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A Results Driven Approach to Enhance Academic Performance

More Than a Tutor

This is not a traditional tutor, but rather an academic interventionist who will work closely with the student, parents, and  family to ensure a holistic approach for the development of the whole child.

We are results driven and as such, sessions are designed to strengthen a child's foundational skills through explicit instruction in reading, writing, math, and executive function training.


We use scientifically researched based multi-sensory curricula as the basis for all of our instruction and maintain thorough progress monitoring data to enhance academic performance.

How We Can Help


Academic Performance

  • Reading Fluency

  • Math

  • Spelling

  • Writing Composition

  • Reading Comprehension


 Executive Skills

  • Attention

  • Organization 

  • Time Management

  • Working Memory

What Makes Our Approach Different

  • Custom goals and dynamic lesson plans created for the unique needs of your child.

  • Strengthening of visuo-spatial working memory for reading comprehension, mental math, and executive function development.

  • Instruction in a variety of strategies needed for enhancing metacognitive and critical-thinking skills.

  • Mastery-based instruction.

  • Multi-sensory handwriting instruction to prevent letter reversals and to maximize writing endurance.

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