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Getting Started with Private Instruction

When you work with us, we customize every step of the process to ensure efficiency and maximize results.

  1. Submit New Student Form

    1. Fill out the form at the link below. This information helps us prepare for the free initial consult.

  2. Free Initial Consult

    1. You will receive a follow up email from our administrator to schedule a free initial consult. During this call, you will go over your child's needs and then discuss how Pacioretty Academics can provide support.

  3. Follow-up Email

    1. A follow-up email is sent after the call with a brief summary of the discussion, pricing, and a link to reserve a time for an initial intake.

  4. Initial Intake

    1. During the initial intake, your child will work through a series of academic tasks. Data from this session is then used to make unique goals for your child and recommendations for the amount of instruction or consulting needed to reach those goals.

  5. Goals and recommendations

    1. You receive a write-up of your child's goals and recommendations.

  6. Weekly instruction begins.

If you are interested in working with us and learning more,

please fill out the New Student Form below

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