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Initial Evaluation

Full assessment of Academic Performance and/or Executive Function Skills

The Initial Evaluation is broken into two sessions, the first is a free 30 minute phone consult with the parents and the second session is an intake with the student.

Based off of the family's concerns, needs, and goals, an individualized plan is created for the student.


Lesson materials will be provided for each session and will include activities using explicit phonics, Preventing Academic Failure, and Singapore Math. 


The family is given access to all the data and goals.

Academic Performance Sessions

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic


Academic performance support will increase reading fluency and speed, improve spelling and word attack skills, enhance reading comprehension, provide structured essay writing skills, and build numeracy and number sense.

Each session will have a customized lesson plan and a follow up email to ensure transparency and parental involvement.

All materials will be provided during each session in order to reach the student's goals efficiently and effectively.

students learning
Executive Function Training Sessions

Executive function training sessions will be customized to meet the needs of the student by using the child's strengths to better his/her deficits.

These sessions might include the following:


Set up work space

Provide structure in after school schedule

Work on study skills and test taking strategies

Reading and listening comprehension (note-taking and annotation)

Meta-cognition, self-advocacy and enhancing personal responsibility

Educational Consulting

Our goal is to make sure your student is getting the most out of his/her education experience, whether they are in a private, public, or a home school setting.

In order to do this, we will utilize the data from private sessions and use it to advocate on his/her behalf during school meetings, including parent-teacher conferences, 504 meetings, and ARDs.

We will diligently work with your family to find a best-fit school by taking into consideration the students learning style, social-emotional development, and appropriate curricular needs.

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