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Academic Support

We understand the importance of optimizing your child's unique learning profile. Through assessment and individualized instruction, a custom curriculum is developed in order to address short and long-term goals while optimizing his/her learning style. We focus first on building a strong foundation in reading, writing, arithmetic, and executive function skills.

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A structured academic success plan is created through the use of formal and informal assessments to meet the student's customized goals within a reasonable time frame. This plan addresses any deficits in reading decoding and comprehension, the application of English rules while spelling, writing composition, numeracy and number sense, and executive function skills. Individual lessons are created for the student using data collected from the intake and previous sessions.

We use research-based instructional materials including in order to provide your child with the highest quality of instruction for nearly all students, including those who are identified or diagnosed with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, and many other learning differences.

Educational Consulting

Making decisions regarding your child's education can be daunting. When you work with Pacioretty Academic Support Services, we help guide you through the process to make sure your child's academic need's are placed first. Using the progress monitoring data collected during your child's sessions, we help you make decisions for your child's academic needs.

We will work with you to personalize a plan which might include advice on school selection/placement, the creation of both short and long term goals, or support for ARD and 504 meetings with the school.

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