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...the person behind the method

After years of searching for THE best way to help students succeed, Christine realized that a holistic approach to enabling a student's mastery of the foundational skills can lead to unparalleled success. 

Christine has sampled, tested, and worked with the leading curricula for reading, writing, and arithmetic, leading her to pull together the best materials and strategies to provide students with the tools needed for exponential growth.

She believes in utilizing mastery-based, explicit instruction with detailed progress monitoring in order to meet each student's specific needs. By doing so, Christine and her team are able to remediate a variety of academic difficulties and provide academic advancement and acceleration.



B. A. Psychology

M.A. Special Education

Doctoral Candidate

Certified Nutritional Therapist 


Work Related Experience

Yale Child Study Center

Riggs Method Tutor

504 Coordinator

Student Support Team Chairperson

Classroom Teacher of the Year

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Our instructors approach their work with our students as a vocation to which they have been called. Instruction is implemented under the guidance of instructional leaders to ensure consistency and quality and each instructor goes through comprehensive training in explicit phonics, reading/listening comprehension, Singapore math, and writing composition.


Additionally, our instructors are trained to provide positive feedback to each student with Socratic questioning, which enhances metacognitive strategies and leads to increased academic independence. Our intentional use of language also helps each teacher build a rapport with their student, allowing for the growth in confidence and intrinsic motivation.


In order to best meet the needs of our students in upper middle school and high school, our instructors receive training in organization and planning strategies to enable the student to enhance their executive functions.


Working with us is an opportunity to make a lasting difference in the lives of children and families. You'll experience the joy of seeing the results of your hard work and dedication in the success of those you serve.


We offer a supportive environment where you can be part of a team and work together to achieve our common goals. Join us and be part of something special.

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